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Hi! I am Fd Shakil, and the founder of ​
I am an Entrepreneur and Digital marketer 

“Whatever you make, it’s your creation, so make it your personal dream come true. If you want to be useful, you can always start now what you have in your grand vision.”

Where I Share My Ideas and Experience, where I share everything that learn from my journey. The idea behind bringing this platform [PassiveBlogger] is to provide the valuable information to our readers. I have been experienced in Blogging and digital marketing for more than 3+ years. I design and develop experiences which are worth to share with my readers. In this modern era of technology, many things are changing day by day and readers are actually thriving for legit and accurate content to solve their problems. I have brought this platform to solve your problems by sharing valuable information on three driving key platforms such as Blogging, Digital Marketing, and online Money Making Ideas.

*Blogging And SEO Tips*

I believe in simple rule “Content is the King” to get real success in Blogging Journey. So hereby I invite you to join me if you are really interested in learning the key factors to write SEO friendly Blogs.

This place is not only for the beginner but also for an experienced blogger. Actually, who wants to learn new things about blogging , where i share the Tips and Tricks on:

  • WordPress 
  • Web Hosting
  • Digital Marketing
  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
  • How to Build effective Backlinks
  • How Rank on Google very quickly.
  • How to Monetizing your blog.
  • How to start a Blog 

You know what, in the 21st century, every opportunity lies on the Internet or digital media. Everyone is competing to each for getting the attention of 3.58 billion active users of the internet toward their quality content, product, and services.

In short, each business or services are depends on the Internet where they are planning to optimize their web pages to get the first position on search engines even me too.

So this platform will help each one of you to understand how they could take over their competitor and get wide exposure in the front of the audience using our best search engine optimization and content writing tactics.

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I will share you practical and actionable blogging and SEO strategies to succeed in your blogging journey, that make you stand out from competitive niches.


Digital Marketing

learn how and what is digital marketing and how its works. In today's world of digital technology everyone is looking for help on how to grow their business and audience. 

Money passive income

Money Ideas

Money making ideas where i share the way to financial freedom. And show you' how to make passive income source through digital marketing and affiliate marketing

    "Starting With no Money is an Advantage"

                   "You Don’t Need Money to Start Helping People"                  

         Start Blogging – Grow Audience - Make Money $$


       Together, We Create Something Great!

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